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Seamlessly Extract Backgrounds From Your Videos with AI-Powered Precision

Effortlessly Remove Backgrounds from Videos with AI

Easy to Use 🎁

No more complicated editing software. Our intuitive interface makes background removal a breeze.

Time-Saving ⏰

Save hours of manual editing. Our AI technology works fast to deliver results in no time.

Professional Results 💎

Achieve polished, studio-quality videos that captivate your audience.

Robust Human Video Matting

Our AI-powered video background removal tool is designed specifically for robust human video matting. It uses a recurrent neural network to process videos ensuring more accurate and seamless background removal, especially when humans are present in the footage.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, please contact us at

  • How does the background removal process work?

    Our background removal process utilizes an advanced AI model specifically trained to remove the background from videos featuring people. This model analyzes each frame, accurately identifies the subject, and intelligently removes the background, resulting in a clean and professional-looking video.
  • Can I use the rendered videos for commercial purposes?

    Absolutely! You have full rights to use the rendered videos for any commercial purposes. Whether it's for marketing, advertising, or any other business-related activities, feel free to leverage the edited videos to enhance your content and captivate your audience.
  • Is my uploaded video secure and protected?

    We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your uploaded videos. Our system ensures the protection of your data throughout the entire process.
  • How accurate is the background removal?

    Our background removal process delivers excellent results, especially when videos feature people as the primary subject. The AI model has been trained extensively to excel in accurately separating the subject from the background, resulting in precise and high-quality background removal.
  • Is there a refund policy if I encounter any issues?

    Yes, we have a refund policy in place for cases where customers encounter issues with our service. If you experience any difficulties or have concerns, please reach out to our dedicated support team at
  • Is there a limit to the video length that can be processed?

    Currently, our system supports video processing for up to 3 minutes in length.

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Important Notes.

• Price is just $4.99 for up to a 3 minute video.
• Ensure your video prominently features a person in a clear position for best results.
• Please note that the rendered video output will NOT include sound.
• Expect your rendered video in your inbox within 5 to 10 minutes. (check Spam folder)
• If it takes longer than an hour, contact us for support at

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